Graham Burns

Graham Burns

Appointed 1 February 2008 – Non-Executive Chairman.

Mr Burns (GAICD) has extensive managerial skills and experience in the property, retail and manufacturing sectors. He is currently the Chief Executive of Hunter Land which is a significant industrial developer in regional New South Wales.

Mr Burns is a member of the Remuneration Committee, Audit Committee and the Nomination Committee.

Max Findlay

Maxwell Findlay

Appointed 14 May 2008 – Non-Executive Director.

Mr Findlay was the Managing Director of Programmed Maintenance Services Limited from 1988 to 2008 and accumulated significant and relevant experience in the strategy, planning, management and marketing of a growing industrial organisation.

Mr Findlay is a Bachelor of Economics and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Findlay is a member of the Audit Committee, Nomination Committee and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

Robert Edgley

Robert Edgley

Appointed 26 August 2011 – Non-Executive Director

Mr Edgley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Monash University together with a second degree in Japanese language. Mr Edgley’s career has been predominantly focused in International Finance and Investment Banking in Australia, the UK and throughout Asia.

Mr Edgley has significant experience and skills in Strategic Planning, Performance Management and Marketing and has proven abilities in building businesses.

Mr Edgley is Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee.