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Since 1922, the world’s biggest oil, gas and water companies have relied on Brockman Engineering for innovative and bespoke bulk water and fuel storage tank solutions, pressure piping, structural and mechanical engineering solutions of the highest quality, delivered safely to each projects unique needs and schedules.

Our innovative engineering, manufacturing and construction allow us to provide a single-source solution for all storage tank and pipework needs across a vast array of industries including liquid fuels, water, oil, gas exploration, mining and chemical.

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Mernda Water Tank

Brockman Engineering designed and constructed a new water storage reservoir tank in South Morang for Yarra Valley Water to secure water pressures for customers in the area. The new Mernda Reservoir water tank is 35 metres in diameter and 15 metres high. It is constructed of welded steel to help ensure the water remains free of microbiological contamination. It holds 12 million litres of water, that’s about five Olympic sized swimming pools.

Mobil Crude Tank 908

Brockman Engineering designed and constructed a new 100 mega litre crude oil storage tank at Altona refinery for ExxonMobil. The tank was provided to improve the efficiency of Mobil’s local refining and supply operations, helping to meet Australia’s growing demand for transportation fuels. Brockman have since transitioned the tank to bulk diesel fuel storage integrating the asset into the fuel terminal that will replace the refinery.

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