Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently deliver value to our shareholders by conducting our business in an ethical and pragmatic manner that allows us to seek new growth opportunities to enhance wealth.

Our culture is to foster innovation and collaboration through the our support of a diverse range of perspectives and origins. We aim to conduct our business in an environmentally sensitive manner to reduce harm to the world in which we work.

Our Businesses

The world’s biggest oil, gas and water companies rely on Brockman Engineering for innovative and bespoke bulk storage tank solutions, pressure piping, structural and mechanical engineering solutions.

TSF Power provide technical support, spare parts and recurrent maintenance for renewable gas and diesel distributed power generation systems.

Syfon Systems are specialist turnkey roof drainage engineers with extensive experience in the high rainfall regions across Australia and the Asia Pacific

Leaders in high quality, cost effective, panel tanks. Australia wide.

Who we are

We are leaders educated as technologists, engineers, managers, technicians and tradespersons working together to create value by delivering innovative outcomes for our clients.

Executive Leadership Team

We are the leaders of EVZ Limited working to create value through the delivery of strategic growth through our businesses and people.

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